SSL will be obligatory

From May 2018, the SSL certificate will be obligatory for all Internet pages with forms (contact form, order form, etc.) throughout Europe. Change your page NOW! As of 25 May 2018, the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) will apply to all EU member states. For operators of websites, this means that you must protect the […]

WordPress 4.6 is here! Fresh technology for the backend

Comes in August 2016 Scheduled after about 4 months: A new major version of WordPress Topic focus: Backend   WP-Admin shines in new font For three years WordPress has been using OpenSans from Google Fonts. All systems now have better system fonts on board than at that time. WordPress does not load an external font, […]

SEO: Loading times are becoming increasingly important

Why load time optimization? “Forrester Consulting, a market research institute, found in a US study, that a loading time of more than three seconds is unacceptable for 40 percent of online shoppers and that they would look for a different online shop in this case. According to this study, 60 percent of the visitors still […]

Removing entries in the WP-Admin menu

The WordPress Admin Panel comes with a lot of menu items, which may not be used by the customer afterwards. Therefore, you should make sure that the customer keeps the overview in WordPress. Here’s a simple trick: Hide certain admin menu items in the backendToo many menu entries confuse unnecessarily? To make it easy to […]

Forgot password: Create admin user in WordPress via FTP

Almost every one of us has already experienced this before. You accidentally left your WordPress Admin area because you forgot your password or username and now you don’t know how to get back in? One possibility would be to write a user with a new password directly into the database via MySQL and thus gain […]

Protect WordPress Login: Change error message

How to protect the WordPress login? Recently, a customer asked me if the login hints in the WordPress backend are a security risk. By default, WordPress shows whether the user name or password was entered incorrectly when a login failed. These error messages could be used as a hint by potential attackers to guess a […]

Disable update notifications of WordPress

Would you like to disable the automatic update email notification of WordPress? By default, WordPress sends you an email notification to notify you that your WordPress website has been updated after security updates. Recently I was asked by a customer if it’s possible to turn this off, especially as we are responsible for the monitoring […]

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