Every website is different. One of them wants to tell about his travels and experiences around the world. Another runs a small online shop. The next Internet site operator would like to use its presence on the Internet to establish itself as an expert in a specific field and to offer its services. What all these operators of individual Internet sites have in common is that they make completely different demands on their own Internet pages.

The Content Management System (CMS) WordPress is a good basis for many different websites, because it offers great flexibility and a high degree of individual adaptability. But in many cases, however, the existing possibilities, extensions and plug-ins are not enough. From this moment on we are here: with our individual WordPress plugin development. Through this WordPress Plugin development it is possible to extend the website with many functional areas and features according to the customer’s wishes.


Enhancement of functionality

In our many years of experience as an internet and web agency we have experienced it again and again: WordPress is a modern and reliable CMS that opens up many possibilities for the operators of a website. But just as often we see that our customers turn to us because certain functions are not available – and because of the thousands of plugins that are currently available for WordPress, they cannot be implemented. Then we come into play. We develop our own solutions for our customers, which are specially tailored to the individual problem and individual requirements.

Examples for the WordPress Plugin development are special interfaces to merchandise management, which make it possible to keep an eye on the stock of the online shop and to communicate with the customer. Plug-ins for flexible price adjustments with scaled prices and discounts can also be developed for online shops. With numerous calendars for managing appointments, we have already developed many plug-ins that are precisely tailored to the respective workflows and requirements of our customers. The special configuration of admin and author accesses, extended blog functions and extensive statistics can be realized by further individual plug-ins.

Of course, we don’t want our customers to incur unnecessary costs due to unnecessary effort. Therefore, at the beginning of our WordPress Plugin development, we first analyse what the customer needs and wants. Then we’ll have a look around. Of course, we know a lot of plugins from experience, which were developed by us and others. If possible, we use the existing solutions and adapt them for our customers. This eliminates the expense of a complete new development – which is good news for customers because costs remain low. If no suitable basis is available, the customer receives a complete solution for his problems through our WordPress Plugin development.

Maintenance and safety

Even though our WordPress Plugin development is completed and the new functionality has been successfully implemented in our customers’ websites, we do not leave our customers alone. We regularly check, maintain and update our plugins. We immediately close detected security gaps. Our customers can rely on us to be able to use a secure solution for their problems.

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