Bessler Drive

Beßler driving service from Ahaus optimizes its driving services with a new app. This offers GPS live tracking, a clear calendar view, a digital driving log, and a user-friendly interface. This makes trips more efficiently coordinated, minimizes data loss, and improves the service.

The app for transportation service providers

Fahrdienst Beßler offers its customers services such as airport transfers, medical transportation, wheelchair and stretcher transport, school, courier, group trips, and other passenger transport trips in the Ahaus region and surrounding areas. Many trips need to be recorded and coordinated daily to ensure that all customers reach their destination on time.

The challenge

The previous program used to manage the trips did not provide all the necessary functions and, on the other hand, had functions that were not needed at Beßler. The entire system was not individual enough and could only be adapted to a limited extent. 
Drivers complained about small buttons and the inability to switch from one view to another during an ongoing order without ending it. Important information got lost in the quantity or was only accessible through detours. There were connection dropouts and data losses in border area trips. 


After a joint workshop, which was also attended by employees from the administration as well as drivers, the issues with the old systems were discussed. This led to the specific requirements for the new app being worked out.

  • Simple creation, modification, and management of individual trips, return trips, and series trips

  • An easy-to-use app for the driver, showing all information at a glance

  • No data loss in border areas

  • Confirmation function that the driver has seen and accepted the trip

  • Complete log of vehicle mileage

Live tracking of vehicles

In the new system, all vehicles are tracked via GPS and displayed on an integrated Google Maps. This allows the headquarters to better estimate travel times and support drivers in case of problems. 

Day view calendar

All trips were previously additionally entered in the Google Calendar for more visibility on individual days. This has been integrated into the new app. In the calendar view, the trips for each day are displayed with the most important information. The color of the appointment blocks can be determined individually.

Trips in the app

The display of trips in the app is now reduced and clear. Drivers only see the information relevant to them. Large and easily readable text allows drivers to quickly capture the data. The Call and Route buttons start the phone app and Google Maps with the trip data. 

Digital trip log

  • Replacement of the paper trip log

  • Seamless documentation of mileage

  • Includes a function for empty trips, refueling, cleaning, etc.  

In this context, the previously paper-based trip log has also been replaced. When starting a trip, the last mileage of the vehicle is taken, and the driver must enter the current mileage when ending. Empty trips such as refueling, car wash, or similar are recorded via a specially designed mask. 

Our developer highlights

  • Live tracking of vehicles via GPS

  • Calendar with daily overview of planned trips

  • PDF export of trips for reporting to the district

  • Completion of address via Google

  • Dashboard with trip overview

Fahrdienst Beßler is a medium-sized company with a team of 80 employees. They offer their services in the Ahaus region and surrounding areas. Service, quality, and punctuality are a matter of course for Beßler. Whether it's airport transfers, medical transportation, or school trips, they safely bring their customers to their destination with their around 40 vehicles.

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