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The Alsco Workflow ALSCO provides suitable workwear as an all-inclusive package for almost every profession. Alsco takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the provided clothing in particular.

The Alsco Workflow ALSCO provides the suitable workwear for almost every profession as an all-round carefree package. ALSCO takes care of the provided clothing, especially cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, as well as the associated logistics. The ALSCO customers are stored in the system and assigned the barcodes attached to the clothing items. These are individual and can thus be easily assigned. The clothing is collected for cleaning and also for various repairs in a laundry basket or locker provided by the customer's company. Once the laundry is picked up by ALSCO, these pieces go directly to the cleaning or the service repair department. After that, the workwear returns to the customer freshly washed and repaired. The Challenge The repairs were previously handwritten by the customers on the provided alteration repair forms and then attached to the clothing. These notes were made on regular paper, so they could fall off or tear. This meant that assigning the notes and clothing items was not always straightforward. Another factor is that many customers also did not have alteration repair forms at hand or lacked the time to write down the repair request by hand.

The messages were also manually entered into the company's system by the employees upon the arrival of the goods at ALSCO. Only then could the cleaning and repairs take place.

"I can expressly recommend Weslink as a competent partner in the conception of digital solutions. Not only meeting our individual requirements, but also contributing additional ideas characterizes the collaboration. Weslink quickly immerses itself in the customer's side and develops a deep understanding of our requirements and processes. This will certainly also help with future digitalization projects." Andy Schnackertz Branch Manager

The Personal Contact For the initial personal meeting, we met at the headquarters in Cologne and took a detailed look at the processes that were not yet controlled by a mobile interface at the time. In the meantime, we brainstormed possible workflows together. Following this, a workshop was conducted with the responsible employees to jointly develop the functions regarding the new web app. Once these were defined, we created the first corresponding designs, and after their approval, the implementation could start directly. The new Alsco Workflow We were able to orient ourselves to the existing alteration repair form for the creation of the new web app. Since nothing was adjusted in terms of content, but rather the contents had to be digitized, we were able to transfer the individual sections. For this, we developed an appealing web interface with VueJS, which guides the user through the recording process to make the use of the web app as simple and appealing as possible. On the homepage of the ALSCO Service App, the barcode of the clothing item is entered. The web app can access the camera and use it to scan the barcode. Additionally, OCR (text recognition) captures further data from the barcode for verification. Alternatively, the barcode can also be entered manually. This means that customer assignment is done directly via the barcode, eliminating the need for an extra registration for the customer. After scanning, the corresponding message can be recorded directly, for example, "Button missing on jacket." Once the data has been transmitted to Alsco, the current status of the message can be viewed in the app. Feature Ideas The web app should soon also be available as a native app in the Apple and Google Play Stores. Subsequent Projects An internal communication app is currently being developed for the Alsco employees.

ALSCO is the specialist for textile full-service and textile leasing in the areas of image, protective, cleanroom, and workwear, as well as for hotel and catering laundry, dirt-trapping mats, and washroom hygiene. The history began in 1889 in Nebraska with a towel service, which then led to the emergence of a completely new industry. Today, ALSCO is a globally active family business with more than 1,500 employees at 22 locations in Germany alone. Over 20,000 customers trust here for textile matters of all kinds. 

Alsco Service WebAppThe Alsco Workflow ALSCO provides the suitable workwear for almost every profession as an all-round carefree package. For the provided clothing ...SchoolcraftWe supported our customers in migrating the existing infrastructure from traditional servers to a new Kubernetes infrastructure. The existing ...

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