OPC Dusk

At the beginning of our collaboration, OPC Münster GmbH had a software in use that could only create and export the shipping labels. With this solution

The challenge

At the beginning of our cooperation, OPC Münster GmbH was using a software that only allowed the creation and export of shipping labels. With this solution, the data was either transmitted from an Excel list or entered manually. The shipping labels were then generated automatically. This process was cumbersome and time-consuming. The system was outdated and important connections to various shop systems such as Shopware 5 and 6, WooCommerce, and Shopify were missing.

Therefore, OPC's initial request to us primarily focused on developing the missing interfaces.

The objective


After a detailed initial discussion, we were able to work out with the help of our rough concept workshop that a new central solution would make more sense in the long run. The new web app is easier to use and generally looks more organized. The alternative would have involved integrating many individual shop plugins into the old system. However, this would have still been based on the old system. With the new efficient solution "OPC Dusk", we had the opportunity to replace the outdated system in the process.

Goal definition

"A modern web application is to be developed to enable OPC to access new customers from the eCommerce sector. The system automatically imports orders from shop systems and then creates shipping orders and package labels based on these orders. The system should be characterized by good usability, thus simplifying the workflows for OPC customers. Due to its modular structure, the system will be easily expandable at any time."

"We are excited to work with Weslink. Our project was technically implemented excellently. This is certainly due to anticipating or quickly identifying possible problems. The result convinces us completely. The support is excellent, and we are already using the possibility to expand the interface!"

Isabel Habla

Managing Director

Project implementation & modules

The new web app OPC-Dusk can be opened in any current browser. The connection is secured by SSL, and the individual modules have been developed so that they can be easily expanded at a later date. This is possible both within the modules and through additional new modules. The ability to enter shipping orders individually has been retained.

For reference, we have selected three modules as examples.

Module: Dashboard

The new dashboard displays important metrics and links. Depending on authorization (admin or customer), the dashboard is structured differently.

Among the widgets we developed are, for example, Today's Shipments and important KPI values.To quickly import orders from a not yet connected ERP system, there is, for example, an upload widget with which orders can be imported as an Excel list by drag & drop.

Module: Shop-Connector

The shop-connector offers every OPC customer the opportunity to connect one or more shops. Orders from the shops are then retrieved and imported every 30 minutes. Filter rules can be defined for each shop-connector, for example, which orders should be imported.

Module: Shipping Manager

An up-to-date list of shipping orders can be viewed in the shipping manager module. A shipping order can then be generated by clicking. Alternatively, a shipping order can also be created manually. As long as no PDF shipping label has been printed, the order can still be modified. Customers can independently generate and submit the daily summary in the system at the end of the day.

Our developer highlights

  • Multi-client capable

  • Automatic workflows

  • Intelligent shop API connectors

  • Create shipping orders via Excel import

  • PDF generation in various formats

  • ZIP code / location autocomplete & data verification

  • All modules can be further developed later

  • Wizards guiding the users easily through the interfaces


With the OPC Dusk web app, we have created a solution that allows OPC customers to easily enter their shipping orders online. Due to the new interfaces, there is a connection between OPC Dusk and the connected web shops (Shopware 5+6, WooCommerce, and Shopify). The shop orders and shipping orders can be viewed immediately on the customer dashboard after logging in. At the end of the day, a day-end can be easily generated with a click, and the shipments are automatically transmitted to OPC. The system then generates tracking numbers for the parcels, making it easy for the customer to track the delivery.

With OPC Dusk, we have developed a time-saving and practical solution that is easy to use and can be further developed at any time. Depending on requirements, we can connect other web shops to the system. The development of further modules and widgets is possible at a later date.

OPC Overnight Parcel Courier Münster GmbH is a medium-sized company that offers its customers a wide range of shipping services. In addition to the classic courier service, the express delivery of particularly bulky, urgent, and sensitive goods is a unique selling point of the Münster-based company. OPC serves its customers worldwide. The team's goal is to find the perfect shipping solution for each customer and therefore serves a variety of shipping routes.

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