Safe Harbour

Developing a modern web app that covers the entire booking process – from presentation to reservations to pitch management.

Safe Harbour

RV parking spaces should be just as easy to book as a hotel room! We have made this possible for Safe Harbour: 

Booking is done through a web app and is transmitted in real time to the power stations via Lorawan at the pitch. 

How it all began

Safe Harbour had already developed a prototype that rudimentarily illustrated the principle. The homepage consisted of an image of a map without any further functions. Each location had a static landing page that had to be maintained manually. A third-party system was used for booking the pitches. The terms in the forms were therefore not tailored to the pitch booking and many variations could not be displayed correctly. Sockets could also be activated via a test script. Despite many limitations, the prototype system confirmed the principle and made the decision to create a sophisticated software easier.


A modern web app should be developed that perfectly reflects the entire process from presentation to booking (with reservations), to the management and configuration of all spaces with pitches. In addition, additional options should be bookable, such as rolls from the nearby bakery, which can then be integrated into the ordering and collection process.

The entire application should be translated into German, English, and Dutch.


The result is an easy-to-use, modern web app that greatly simplifies the booking process for customers and even allows for a variety of additional options.

A complex but easy-to-use admin area has been created for administrators, which makes the management process simple and effective.

We look forward to further updates to the app and more projects with Safe Harbour!

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